Golden Retriever and Border Collie Mix

Two popular breeds of dogs, the Golden Retriever and the Border Collie combine to form the Golden Retriever Border Collie Mix. The two breeds are among the most intelligent in the world of dogs, so their offsprings certainly inherit that trait as well. The Golden Retriever Border Collie mix is considered to be both a working and sporting dog. They are known to be bright, obedient and agile. They love socializing and tag along with their owners to every corner.

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With mixed breed dogs, the history of how they were created is not obvious and well-tracked. So, it is essential that we take a look at the origins of the parental breeds.

Let’s start with the Border Collie. The word “Collie” means “sheepdog” in Scottish. These dogs originated in the UK and were used as herd and guard dogs for sheeps. The Border Collie has been a good choice for anyone looking for a sheepdog. Uptil now, the Border Collie is still among the top herding dogs. As pets, the Collies are clever, full of energy and very hardworking.

The counterpart of the Collies, the Golden Retrievers, are used as  search and rescue dogs. They were first seen in Scotland as well. They are capable of enduring in extreme weather conditions, thanks to their renowned gorgeous coat.



Border Collies get the best of both worlds which makes them plainly outstanding. Their heads are shaped similarly to that of the Golden Retrievers, but they have short ears. Just like their Golden Retriever parents, the crossbreed dogs have webbed feet and a rubber-like tail. Thus, the “Collie Goldie” make excellent swimmers and can be used to retrieve waterfowl. The weight of the Border Collie Golden Retriever mix depends entirely on the genetics. The average weight can be somewhere between 34 to 88 pounds. The Collie/Golden can be up to 17 inches in height. Since they are hybrid dogs, the physical traits depends a lot on genetics, so it is a slight chance that you know which genes are dominant and which are not. The Border Collie Golden Retriever mix can be seen in black, yellow, pale, white, brown and chocolate. Also, these dogs have different markings on their face and chest, just like the Border Collies.



Both the Golden Retrievers and the Border Collies have unique yet positive personality traits. Border Collie and Golden Retrievers are both intelligent dog breeds, so much that they are known to have similar certain abilities as a two and a half-year-old toddler, according to the various studies conducted by the American Psychological Association. These dogs are smart, kind, happy and sociable just like the Golden Retrievers. They also inherits the positive temperamental traits from the Border Collies. In all, the Border Collie Golden Retriever mix is an attending, friendly, loving and affectionate breed. They are especially smart, so you would not encounter any difficulty training them. The Collie/Golden mix are always a hundred percent eager to please the owners and make them proud. Originated as sheepdogs, they are great and patient enough to be with kids and other pets, with a happy-go-lucky attitude.


The average lifespan of a Border Collie Golden Retriever is from 12 to 15 years. Every dog breed is plagued with several health issues. This is true with purebred dogs as a result of years of inbreeding. Fortunately, this is by no means true for mixed pups like the Border Collie Golden Retriever mix. These dogs are recorded to have only a few health problems and tend to lead a long life. Your Collie Goldie may develop hip and elbow dysplasia, allergies, ear infections, bloating and eye issues. You may want to run some tests before the intercourse begins and if your pup shows any symptoms later, call you vet.



The Border Collie Golden Retriever mix typically requires weekly brushing and ear cleaning to avoid ear infection. They tend to shed a lot so this weekly brushing will help keep your house from growing a coat of dog fur. Excessive bathing is not recommended as it could dry their skin out. Only bathe when your pup become visibly dirty or after swimming.


Training and exercising

Both Goldens and Border Collies are very smart, so training them does not take too much effort. These are also very agile pups, so they would do well with agility training as an outlet for their high energy. They do require a lot of exercise, but you should not give your Golden Border tough training. These dogs are medium-sized, thus making them take up hardcore training is like making a fish climb a tree. A “job” for this type of dog is also a very good idea. It can be a puzzle toy, going through agility courses, or simply a long walk or jog. The Border Collie Golden Retriever mix are also fond of games like fetch and frisbee. With a will to please the owner all the time, your pup would love to catch a frisbee for you.


Food and diet

You ought to keep a check on your Border Collie Golden Retriever mix diet and make sure you are not overfeeding your little buddy. Dogs tend to gain a lot of weight which can lead to several health conditions. Preparing is always better than curing.


Pros/Cons of raising a Border Collie Golden Retriever mix


Adopting a Golden Border means living with a very smart pup with all the positive natures. The dog is especially loving, affectionate and are always pledged to please the owner most of the time. With the traits of the Golden Retriever, the Collie Goldies are very loyal and will definitely make the perfect companion.


As a crossbreed, the Border Collie Golden Retriever are prone to almost all health issues that their parents are prone to. You should ask the breeder the origin of the history of any diseases of the parents to prevent unwanted problems with your beloved pup.


Being a playful, loyal, loving and intelligent dogs, the Border Collie Golden Retriever Mix are amazing with other pets and kids and are perfect family dogs. They love to be around people and please anyone and everyone. If you can provide them with frequent and proper exercising, socialization, then this is the perfect match for you.