Best Dog Hair Clippers for Poodles

Poodles dog clippersThe luckier you have for owning a poodle, the more caring you need to provide to them. Due to their especially gorgeous coat, Poodle’s fur requires well grooming. Some poodles might assign grooming work to professionals. Expensive grooming service is not a big deal, but pet & owner relationships gained.

Poodles need grooming every month and you must have the exact clippers. While the market is full of great devices with different features and capabilities. Choosing the right one will be much easier after finish reading my page.

5 Dog Hair Clippers for Poodles

1. Andis 22340 Proclip 2-speed Detachable Blade Clipper

Why we can say Andis 22340 is one of the great choices for Puddles’ clipping, as it comes with a good performance and silent operation at 120 Volt to stay your dog calm. Especially, it has the chrome finish and detachable multi-blade for all kinds of breeds not only puddles.

This model is designed with 2 speed and brushless motor, then you never need to care about clogs. This corded Andis offers the user a 14 feed cord allowing you to move easily. This lightweight clipper is only around 1 pound. Besides, it has shatterproof housing.


  • Professional-grade cutting blade
  • For different types of fur and breeds
  • Silent running
  • Lightweight and easy for holding
  • Good for beginners


  • The housing is not easy to grip


2. Ceenwes Dog Clippers low noise pet clippers

You might not see any perfect 10 tools- set like this for your puddle including a clipper and battery, a comb, a scissor, a nail clipper kit, a nail file and a dog shears for all kinds of pets.

It deserves to be the greatest dog clippers with an exact motor, ultra-silent design. Then it is easy for you to do a haircut for even scary dogs. This cordless model comes in a lightweight design for easy use even for not professionals. Just need to charge for 5 hours then you can use it for 70 minutes.

Its sharp blade with titanium acute angle and the ceramic movable blade is supportive for smooth and well-cut.


  • Lightweight cordless trimmer
  • For a different type of dogs
  • 4 attachments
  • Great titanium acute blade


  • Can work in a short time
  • High vibration and louder than others


3. Oster Golden A5 Two speed animal grooming clippers

Although being a corded clipper with a shorter cord compared to the others and run on 2 speed only from 2100 to 2700 rpm, it has some extraordinary functions. Due to its powerful motor, you can handle thick coats and mats quickly, especially for curly hair like puddles.

Its Crygonic tech blade is very durable. Its low speed brings better precision and more silent running for sensitive parts, while the high speed provides the faster trims for full body. Coming with 2 options of speed including single and 2 speed.


  • Long-lasting using
  • Heavy-duty clipper
  • Quiet operation


  • Not the fastest clipper
  • Look a little old fashioned


4. Oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers

This cordless Li-ion battery is flexible to move anywhere you want, but don’t forget charging. Its new stainless steel blade and the ceramic blade could offer the great cutting. You can easy to change the detachable blade.

With the ultra-quiet design, it will not scare your dog, stay it safe while cutting or trimming hair. For the simple cutting poodles, Oneisall clipper can work at its best capacity. However, for the poodles with supper thick and long fur, before cutting, you need to cut his hair first, then you can use the clipper for proper clipping.


  • Durability
  • Being quiet and lightweight
  • Good price


  • Require a tight grip
  • Not powerful enough to groom super thick or long coat


5. Andis Utraedge super 2-speed detachable blade clipper

Andis Utraedge is highly recommended for a curly coat as Poodles. Its long-lasting and powerful motor with 2 speeds will make your grooming fluent without any stress. Quite an engine is one plus for skittish poodle. ‘

Because of the rotary motor, it is a little heavier than others. It runs strongly, quietly with mild vibration. This corded unit has 14 inches cord enough long for suiting any situation. There are 5 nice colors for you to choose and also it is easy to grip while trimming. Its chrome finish can inhibit the corrosion.


  • Long cord for using and moving
  • 2 function works smoothly
  • Easy to hold
  • Easy cleaning for the detachable blades.


  • Get heat up faster than others


6. Oster A6 cool comfort heavy-duty clipper

Oster A6 offers the one-touch control with 3 speeds including the High at 4.400 spm, medium at 3.600 spm and low at 3.100 spm. This model is designed for heavy-duty for smooth and efficient cutting.

This Oster runs also very quiet thanks to its vibration isolators. Especially, you might be impressed by its soft grip for reducing hand fatigue and heat. This clipper also features one-touch speed control and zinc alloy teach for lighter weight clipper.


  • Being heavy-duty clippers
  • Quiet running
  • Being lightweight
  • Good price


  • Thin plastic holding clippers


7. Wahl Professional animal Acro pet, dog, cat hand hours

Wahl Acro is one of the most lightweight clippers and this cordless is convenient to move and to trim your Poodle’s face and paws. Especially, it works well on a curly and thick coat. This model runs quietly.

You can use it for 80 minutes after one charging time. A set of Wahl Acro includes a cordless clipper, 5 in1 blade set, 2 NiMH battery packs, a case, charger, blade oil, brush, book, 4 combs.


  • Cordless for hard to reach spots
  • Being lightweight and quiet
  • Great work on face, paws or finish work


  • Heavy coat dog needs to be trimmed before using this clipper
  • Only run 80 minutes, then has to be charged.


Some types of dog clippers

Wired dog clippers

Being called as corded clipper with a long attached cord plugging in the outlet resource. The corded clipper is recommended for poodles because it is more powerful than others. Thus, it can handle curly and thick fur of poodles. It will be a little expensive but good for long investment.

Cordless clipper

Cordless clipper runs by battery without cord. Thus it is easy to move around your pet and hard to reach parts. It is also lightweight and convenient. However, it will be less powerful than other corded ones.


Trimmer is not expensive compared to its counterparts. It will be a great choice for trimming the paws, ears or face. However, it is least powerful among others. It is very quiet and perfect for nervous dogs.


How to groom your Poodle

If you just got a new poodle for the first time, you might find our tips helpful for you to handle Poodle’s grooming.

Set up a plan

Not only for poodles, but also all breeds, you need to decide the style you would like to make up for your pets. For poodles, Kennel, lamb, teddy bear or puppy will be a good choice. Let pick up one in your mind!

Stay calm for your poodles

Poodles are very sensitive, they afraid of clippers like all other pets. You need to let your dog becoming used to with the clippers first. Even allow your pets to play with the tool while it is off. Then holding it closed to your pets and try on trimming some hair.


Checking temperature is a needed task. You can cool it down by spray of leave it alone for cooling. Hot blades will burn your dog’s skin and fur.


The same as cutting your hair, you need to brush your poodle’s coat before clipping to remove tangles and knots. Comb gently mats from the dog’s skin. Then you can groom your dog faster and better. Make sure your pets are not wet before clipping.

Trimming and cutting long hair

If you are using a cordless clipper which is not enough power to handle a super thick and curly hair of your poodle. Thus, you might need some time to trim the long hair before clipping.


Final words

Your grooming time with your lovely poodle will depend mostly on the right clippers, don’t ignore choosing the clipper. Try to figure out your poodle’s needs, your requirement and your budget correctly then weigh with the features of clippers before choosing one.

Poodles are one of the hardest pets to groom but they have many hairstyles to choose from. I hope my page can help you somehow to find the best clippers for poodles.