Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix

The Golden Retriever and the Australian Shepherd has always been many people’s favorite due to their attracting look, active lifestyle and a loving nature. If you are wondering what their offspring would be like, the Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix would be the answer.

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The Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix can also be called the Australian Golden Retriever or Aussie Golden Retriever for short. Originated from Scotland, the Golden Retriever is used as gundogs or to retrieve waterfowls on estates. The Australian Shepherd, despite their name, were first saw in Europe. Later they are brought to the United States of America, and it was in California that the so-called Aussie Retriever came to life.


The Aussie Retriever, being the offspring of the Golden Retriever and the Australian Shepherd, are mostly medium-sized dogs. The male and the female weighs 65-75 and 55-65 pounds respectively. They can be between 21 and 24 inches in height. The Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix may seem to be bigger than its actual weight due to the thick coat. The offspring outlook is unpredictable, but the qualities are surely shared between their parents. Every Australian Retriever has a water repellent layer underneath, also known as an undercoat. Their hair is either straight or wavy with a ruff on the neck.  Their eye and hair colors vary from blue, red to black. There can also be tan or copper markings, and patches on merle pattern on their hair. Whatever color your Aussie may come up with, it would still be gorgeous.


Aussie Retrievers are well-known for their top-notch characters. Only a few aggressive cases have been recorded. Other than that, you should find these dogs incredibly hospitable. They thrive on going alongside humans, mainly to show off their mental and physical agility. The Aussie Retriever are easy to train. In most cases, they show absolute obedience and loyalty. However, to prevent behavioral issues towards people and other dogs, you need to socialize your Aussie at an early stage. If raised well, the Australian Retrievers can be more-than-a-good-friend to humans. With the shepherd’s blood running in their veins, these dogs are especially into activities that require lots of energy. Throw a Frisbee away and you will see your Aussie bring it back in no time. These dogs’ moves are swift and playing with them is just plainly irresistible.  If you are feeling blue, walk your Aussie to the park and let him/her do the job.


Despite being free of conformation defects, the Aussies are prone to abnormally small eyes, hip dysplasia. To make sure nothing bad would happen to your Aussie, you need to test the parents before giving the breeding process a start.


The Australian Retriever has a gorgeous but bountiful coat. To keep it in shape and look good, brush it regularly. Getting a vacuum is also advisable, just to keep the house fur-free. To keep your Aussie a good look and health, give him or her regular baths and brushings. In addition, you should clean their ears, trim their nails and brush their teeth. As long as you do all these frequently, your Australian Retriever Mix will be in absolutely perfect state.

Training and Exercise

Being genetically active just like their parents, the Aussie Retrievers needs exercise on a regular basis. Raising one also means spending a few hours a day energizing your pup. Not only should you train your Aussie physically but also on the mental terms. Spare time sitting with him or her and talk as a friend chatting with a friend. Remember that these dogs have shepherd tendencies, so if you leave your dog alone for “quite a while”, he or she can probably be mentally unstable.


Being an active kind of dog, the Australian Retriever should be provided with a protein-rich diet. Avoid fillers such as those that contain large proportion of carbohydrates, since your dog eats them only to feel full. Make sure you feed him/her two or three times a day. Doing so will maintain the weight and guarantee a healthy life for your beloved pup.

Life expectancy

The lifetime of an Australian Retriever is often between 12 to 15 years, which means you are going to have a loyal, loving and highly energetic companion for more than a decade.


Inheriting the very best traits from their parents, an Australian Retriever baby is an active, sturdy puppy, who longs for playing all day. However, keep in mind that the Australian Retriever are prone to physical issues just like their predecessors. Also, pay attention to nurture your pup’s mentality to avoid unwanted behavior.

The pros & cons of having an Australian Retriever


Since their parents are the beloved Golden Retriever and the Australian Shepherd, the Aussie Retriever have the very best traits of their parents. They are well known for their loving nature. Your Aussie is definitely an affectionate companion, willing to go alongside you whenever you want. Playing with them is definitely a mental boost for anyone feeling blue. The Aussie Shepherd is outstandingly clever. New commands and training exercises for them are nowhere near being called “obstacles”.


As mentioned, the Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix, just like many other mixed breeds, can have physically abnormal traits. With the blood of a Shepherd in their body, they may not be suitable for families with little children, since it is likely that they mistake the babies with one of their “flock.” With those whose children are teens, this should not bother you at all.


Inheriting the very best from their beloved parents, the Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix feels like an “upgrade”. The Aussie are born for those who have the an active lifestyle and a will and enough time to walk their pups a few times a day. Great physical and mental agility, a friendly and loving nature, outstandingly gorgeous look and many other more characteristics will make your decision to raise one worthwhile.