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Russell Refuge
Wishbone / 10 years old / Male / Rhinebeck, NY / Rescue Terrier
Toby / 8 years old / Male / Rhinebeck, NY / Rescue Terrier
Sunny / 6 years old / Male / Rhinebeck, NY / Rescue Terrier
Scooby / 10 years old / Male / Rhinebeck, NY / Rescue Terrier
Nemo / 4 years old / Male / Rhinebeck, NY / Rescue Terrier
Moose / 9 years old / Male / Rhinebeck, NY / Rescue Terrier
Max / 8 years old / Male / Rhinebeck, NY / Rescue Terrier
Jettro / 7 years old / Male / Rhinebeck, NY / Rescue Terrier
Jacoby / 5 years old / Male / Rhinebeck, NY / Rescue Terrier
Jack / 7 years old / Male / Rhinebeck, NY / Rescue Terrier
Chloe / 8 years old / Female / Rhinebeck, NY / Rescue Terrier
Abby / 5 years old / Female / Rhinebeck, NY / Rescue Terrier

Letters From Home

From Nikki's Family


I knew I would never write a "Letter From Home" as I wouldn't tell anyone how ga-ga I was about a dog. That is until I adopted Nikki. I have had Jacks in the past and they have been terrific dogs and I'm a little partial to the breed. Emma was 17 when I had to have her put down and having had dogs for more than 60 years I needed what would probably be my last dog. I had a short list of Must Be and Must Not. I wanted a senior, one who got along with other dogs, one who liked to walk, friendly, a little on the watch dog type. Anything else would be a bonus. As for the Must Nots: no sleeping in my bed (dog beds in nearly each room), no getting up on the furniture (just got rid of two inches of dog hair on chairs, couch). I also have some pretty nice vintage/antique furniture AND the most important the recliner is MINE.

I picked out some dogs on the web site by reading descriptions and looking at pictures. Not too much was known about Nikki but Dale and Pauline both thought she would be perfect and who better to know? In typical Jack Russell fashion she was all over the place, loved all of us and 15 minutes I said yes. She didn't think I was more special than any other person there but I knew she was special. I brought a crate to get the dog home to New Jersey and off we went. She didn't need the crate, sat in the back seat, looked out the window for two hours and was fine.

She has been with me for more than a year and in that time has not stopped looking at me, she follows me from room to room and I'm still discovering her talents. She does play ball for hours, chases squirrels, chip monks, birds and rabbits and catches some. She is a terrific mouser. I'm trying to figure out why she throws her treats in the air and barks at them but I need more time. As for her watch dog ability, she hears the United Parcel delivery truck when he's at least a mile from the house and barks and barks and barks. She was/is totally housebroken and she doesn't want to sleep in my bed but does like to sleep on vintage/antique furniture. And recliners? They're the best!


Posted February 16, 2015

From Scout's Family


Greetings from New Hampshire! Mom said Dale and all her helpers are very sad because of a fire and that I should write and remind them of all the dogs that were lucky to find homes because of their love and hard work. So here is my story, which has a very happy ending.

I've been living with Jim and Rose for three years and boy, did I hit the JACKpot! This is my 3rd home and I've never been so spoiled. I don't mean to brag but I totally run this joint. I've got a nice warm house with dog beds near the radiators in case no one is sitting down. Otherwise I snuggle up right next to them and climb in their lap. I've got a big, fenced-in back yard with plenty of chipmunks to keep me busy and in the summer, lots of nice places to lie in the sun. And the food! OMG, it's great. There's never enough, of course, but it's good stuff. I get all the raw carrots I want, slices of apples and bananas, special treats for which even I will do a trick or two, and if I look at mom jusssst right, maybe a little something off her plate. It's fun to see dad roll his eyes and say, "Everyone around here gets spoiled but me!" LOL

Mom and dad take me for walks all the time which is really fun. We go up and down the country roads playing my favorite game--find the roadkill! I win most of the time because I'm super fast. Though mom is pretty good at getting it out of my mouth. (She always acts mad but if I hold on to it long enough she starts laughing.) There's a lake here but I don't like water. I won't even get my paws wet! Since I've moved here I've had FOUR baths. I hate baths! The first time I was so upset mom climbed in the tub (with all her clothes on!) and held me on her lap. Now she doesn't even argue. But if she's wearing a sweatsuit and I hear water running, good luck finding me! (I catch on fast, too.)

I'm hardly ever alone. If mom has to go out she takes me over to the office in the garage and I hang out with dad. If he's not too busy he lets me sit on his lap. Otherwise, I roll up in my blanket like a burrito and take a little nap. I'm really good at rolling up in my blanket, just ask Dale. Once she thought I had run away but I was hiding in my blanket!

Winter can be kind of a drag. Sometimes it's too cold and snowy to walk so we play indoors. I'm pretty good at tearing up my toys but even better at playing monkey in the middle. I can wear those two out in 30 minutes tops. Back and forth, back and forth. You should hear me--I sound fierce! When we do go for a walk, I wear my new pink coat. Mom got tired of everyone thinking I'm a boy so now I have a pink coat, a pink collar and a pink leash and people still say, "Isn't HE cute!" (I think it's my ears…)

Sometimes we walk with other dogs which I'll tolerate, but don't ask me to play with them! Everyone thinks I'm protecting my mom when I start a fight but that's baloney. I just don't want her to get any bright ideas. I'm top dog here and that's the way it's going to stay. (She isn't supposed to know this but when I stay at Monica's house, I play with the other little dogs and have a blast. I adore Monica. I let her cut my nails and everything. She's great!)

Life here is pretty darn good. Lots of hugs and kisses and belly rubs. They tell me all the time that I'm the most beautiful, smartest, sweetest dog in the world. It doesn't get much better than this, that's for sure. I owe it all to Dale and the wonderful volunteers who took such good care of me and found me a home. I hope all the other dogs will be as lucky. We love you, Dale. Hang in there!

Scout, Rose & Jim

Posted February 16, 2015

From Petie's Family


Hi Dale,

Attached please find the picture of Petie and Cisco. In the house, this is their usual position: guarding and alerting when anyone walks on "their" street in front of the house. LOL!

As I said on the phone, Petie is a very sweet boy and we couldn't be happier with the adoption. Thanks!

Donna Boyd

Posted June 23, 2014

From Lucy's Family


We brought Lucy (known as Louisa at the Refuge) to her forever home on February 28 and she has been a constant delight every day. She adapted quickly to our schedule and is very comfortable in our home. Our Vet commented that Lucy had been well cared for and was in great shape. Our thanks to you and your great staff of volunteers for her care. Your write-up on Lucy was very accurate. She is a very loving and eager-to-please JRT. She responds to both verbal commands as well as hand signals. She also rings a set of jingle bells to let us know when she needs to go out. She just lives to have her belly rubbed. She treats her 1&1/2 mile walk each morning as an adventure. Lucy has also been a big hit with our Grandchildren. We thank you so much for Lucy. We love her.

Ginny and Fred Clay
Canton, CT

Posted May 5, 2014

From Jack's Family


Just when I thought my heart couldn't break anymore from losing our 15-year-old Petey, along came Dale and "Christmas" Jack, a 10-1/2 year old perfect Jack Russell Terrier. He is so sweet. It's as if sometimes he can't believe he gets to sleep in the bed (where else would a JR sleep?) and a big basket of toys, bones of every kind, a space heater whenever he seems chilly and owners who are home all the time to wait on his every whim.

I wouldn't have it any other way. And we have a son named Jack as well and sometimes it's confusing but funny! Thank you Dale and to all of the wonderful volunteers for making our family whole again!

Love, Jack's Mom

Posted February 21, 2014

From Mason and Family


Hello human and doggie friends of Russell Refuge:

I was adopted about 6 years ago. There used to be 4 humans and me but the two human kids since moved to their own homes. One of them even adopted a Jack Russell so I have a cousin Ginger now. I have a new human –the granddaughter who is 3. She calls me Masy and visits often. I love it when she throws a tennis ball for me!

It is just me and Mom and Dad at home now. Mom works and I take care of Dad who is home with me all day. We sit in the sun on the deck and go for car rides. Sometimes he takes me to see his dad at the Veterans Center. I get to say hi to all the brave veterans who have served our country so well. Another fun ride is to Dunkin' Donuts where they like to give me a munchkin at the drive-thru window.

Winter is coming so I decided to donate some of my toy money to help out with the kennel repairs. I hear there are a lot of Jacks at the refuge right now so I hope you guys get forever homes soon!

Love, Mason

Posted September 18, 2013

From Willow's Family


When we first met Willow, she was in one of the individual runs at the Refuge and put on quite a show. She ran back and forth and barked, stood on her raised bed and howled and grabbed a toy that she tossed in the air/smacked around with her paws/shook and then tossed to the side. After performing for several minutes, she took a time out to drink some water and then laid down with her back legs stretched out behind and her head between those big, beautiful front paws. No doubt this was our girl and we were definitely hers!

It's been almost 4 years since we brought Wills into our home and hearts and she's the same exuberant, joyful little dog. Loves her walks, playing with her toys, barking just for the heck of it and running amok in the yard. And when she's done with all of that, she snuggles up close -- be it on the sofa or our bed -- and lets out that big JRT sigh of contentment. Now that is a lovely sound.

We know Willow was well taken care before we adopted her but the Refuge was never meant to be her forever home. Nor is it meant to be the forever home for the majority of the dogs who are there now, waiting for someone to just love them for who they are.

Willow's Mom and Dad

Posted July 9, 2013

From Enzo's Family


Soon it will be two years that our little Enzo (formerly known as Oovie) has been with us. He was an older dog already when we adopted him but we wanted to adopt an "old timer" because they are so often overlooked and my heart has a soft spot for them. Enzo was somewhat hard of hearing two years ago and has since gone completely deaf and close to being blind. However, in true Jack Russell spirit he carries on with an almost gleeful attitude and doesn't let anything hold him back. His determination is an inspiration to us every single day. We have grown to love this little guy so much and I know he loves us too. When I come home after a hard day's work, I scoop him up, nuzzle him and tell him "Mommy's here" and he gives me kissies all over my cheek. It's pretty much the only time he gives kissies so I KNOW that he's excited I'm home. What's better to come home to than that? In my opinion, nothing. Dale, thank you for so much saving our Enzo and giving him the second chance he deserved and allowing our lives to be enriched by him as well.

With love and appreciation, Elke & Richard Romer (and Wolfgang and Maisy who love their brother too!)

Posted December 8, 2012

From Katie's Family


We have been so blessed to have our dear sweet Katie come into our lives. She is truly a gentle, loving and sweet dog. We were so sad when our Jake of 13 years passed away, he was truly my husband's "Pal" and went every where with him. So we had decided not to get another dog but my husband was having a difficult time missing his Jake. That is when I hit the Internet looking to rescue a dog. I just did not want to go through the puppy stage again at our age. That is when I found Russell Refuge and the rest is history! Now we have beautiful Katie and she is the love of our lives and has become my husband's new "Pal.". Thank you Russell Refuge for doing the work you do to make sure all your dogs are well taken care of and for finding new homes for them. Take care,

Marty and John Farris

Posted August 18, 2012

From Jake's Family


We adopted Jake from Dale when he was 2 yrs. old. He is now 12 and happily thriving. He is an integral part of our family and the love of my life (don't tell my husband!) He is a very happy dog. He gets to run in our fenced-in woods and play with our Aussie. He also kills frogs and snakes and hunts for anything that flies or creeps. He's even done in a wild turkey that landed in the wrong place at the wrong time! Then he comes into the house and lays his little body across our chests. Hence his nickname..."the Cuddly Killer" He is true to his breed. My son was a tot when we brought Jake home, now Gabe's in high school! They adore each other.

We know we'll call Dale again, for a little girl next time. They are amazing dogs.

Thanks for all you do,

Best, Hilary

Posted August 18, 2012

From Dodger's Family


Dodger chose me on that wintry day... I arrived at the Russell Refuge in January 2011 ready to take another, but Dodger wouldn’t take his eyes off me, and I was drawn to him. In this year-and-a-half, Dodger has become a wonderful house/farm dog and my constant companion. We live at the end of a rural gravel road, surrounded by hundreds of wild acres down to the Potomac River, and Dodger has learned to ford streams, chase deer and squirrels, jump on rocks, and balance on fallen trees. He managed to injure a rear leg chasing a squirrel at top speed and falling into a rain runoff gully, but is recovering well with acupuncture and chinese herbs. When I blow a whistle, he comes streaking back to me, tongue hanging out in that special JRT smile.

Dodger is a quirky dog. He was not happy to have my son return home after a year in Germany, but with all credit due to my son’s love of dogs, the two have now forged a happy partnership. I have enjoyed working with a dog trainer to help Dodger become an even better dog, and he has done beautifully! Even the people in our small town bank see the difference as we practice our commands in the bank lobby. Of his many tricks, our family favorite is the ‘army crawl’ where Dodger slithers around the carpet on his belly.

Dodger’s favorite things are to play ball, “supervise” my stall-cleaning, play with his friends, and go for a ride. He has invited himself into the doorless UPS truck and actually rode along on a delivery to my neighbor’s house. As I walked up their drive, I saw him bounding down the truck steps, and our wonderful UPS driver yelled “Don’t worry, I was going to bring him back to you!”. I actually think Dodger would prefer that I get some kind of delivery job so he can ride around all day. He loves to accompany me to the forge when I take a couple horses to get shoes. He has two little friends across the hedgerow - a Chihuahua/Dachshund mix and a Maltese - and loves to go visit and romp.

As my dog trainer has stated, Dodger is a lovely dog, but not an easy one. He is terribly frightened of thunder and gunshots. We are big fans of Thundershirts, and chinese herbs are helping him to cope with life a bit better.

Dodger is a kisser... and his affection knows no bounds. We love him deeply, and he has brought great joy into our lives after the passing of our old terrier. Dodger needed a home and you provided him one... and we needed a dog... so thank you, Russell Refuge, for bringing us together!

Linda Giannino and Dodger

Posted July 4, 2012

From Sampson and Family


My name is Sampson, “Sampie” is my nickname. I wanted to send my latest photo so you can see I have put on some weight and grown a lot of fur since being adopted. I had another name when I was adopted in January but that was changed so I would not retain any bad feelings or thoughts from my prior life. I am truly happy now and learning to play with toys at 9 years of age. I was pretty aggressive and snarly when I first joined my new home, but now I am in “play therapy” where I get baths, hugs, kisses and lots of love from everyone. I sleep in a big white bed with lots of soft covers and I am never put to bed hungry or cold anymore. I have a wonderful dog walker who comes 2 times a day for me and we go on nice cheerful walks and I get to say hello to everyone. I am so very happy in my new home but am still working on my cat issues. My life has totally changed and I have everything a little lost boy could ask for. I love my leash, harness, the baths, the mice and all the things I never had before, thank you for finding me a home. Love always, Sampie

Posted July 2, 2012

From Chauncey's Family


We rescued Chauncey and he rescued us right back! We were saddened by the deaths of our two older Jacks, Emmy & Beau and knew it was time to bring a new Jack into our lives! Molly out 5 year old JRT and Megan our 6 year old daughter were both ready for a new friend so Jeff & I researched online and discovered Russell Refuge. We all went to meet Chauncey and knew he was the perfect fit for us!

Since his homecoming in March he has been on an Easter egg hunt, sang and delivered breakfast in bed for 3 Birthdays, hugs and love on Mothers Day, Memorial Day & Fathers Day! He has made his debut in first grade with Megan for show and tell and the kids adored him! Of course Megan showed off his agility talent with sit, speak, shake, down and roll over! He loved every minute of it! Chaunce also loves to ride to school in the am and greet Meg at the school bus when she arrives! Chauncey greets Jeff with jumps & kisses at the end of a long work day! Molly and Chauncey are best of buds too! We were thrilled how well they took to each other:) and how much fun it is again to watch two Jacks play. As for me, well I couldn't be more spoiled with unconditional love! I have my little shadow!! Chauncey is a love bug!

Will end with an Acrostic poem that Megan made for school:


C charming
H happy
A adorable
U unique
N noble
C character
E extraordinary
Y yes

Thank you, Russell Refuge!! We could not be happier with our true gem!

Fondly; Laura, Jeff, Megan and Molly too

Posted June 28, 2012

From Rustie and Jack's Family

Rustie and Jack

This is Rustie, though my new Mommie and Daddie call me a lot of thing. Tootie, King Tut, Rustie-bear, Yoda. I wish they’d just stick with one name already! I have to say, I’m not entirely excited that I have to share my humans with Jack. Why did you let them take him home too? He has his purposes, as I like to have another dog to beat in ball-fetching, and tug-o-war, but I really don’t like to share Mommie and Daddie. Mommie and Daddie say I need to get over it… I’m really trying to, but some days I’m not good at it.

Mommie and Daddie are really nice to us and tell us how good we are (most of the time – Mommie does not like it when I try to jump into the toilet though). On the weekends, we get up early and go for a long walk to Dunkin’ Donuts. Daddie won’t let me have any donuts, but the 'rents always bring a treat for me and Jack if we sit nicely for it. Everyone in the neighborhood says how cute we are and pets us (Clearly, they are only talking about me, but say we are both cute out of consideration for Jack’s feelings). I love all of our human neighbors, with the exception of the little human girl next door. She told Mommie she wanted to be a vet when she gets to be a big human and then tried to give me a butt exam. Thankfully, Daddie and Mommie saved me from her. I think Jack is smarter than he looks and bet he put her up to that little trick!

All in all, this new place is pretty nice. I have a big bed to sleep in, lots of balls and squeaky toys, and I get a lot of snuggle time with Mommie and Daddie. I like their families too and the other families' dogs, namely Ruby. She is a terrier like us… and will be a great ally to conspire with! Tell all my friends at the refuge that I’m praying for them to find a forever home. Now I’ll let Jack say hi.

This is Jack, though Mommie and Daddie also call me weird names like Obi-Wan, Gus-Gus and Greedy Gus. My humans eat more than I do… what can I do but hope that some morsels of food they are eating drop to the floor for me to pick up before they can? I really like my new Mommie and Daddie, and Rustie is cool. He can be a bit annoying sometimes, but what brother isn’t? I really like to kick his butt playing tug-o-war. I let him win sometimes to help his confidence (though I’m not really sure he needs any confidence boost, whatsoever).

Mommie and Daddie take us everywhere, even if they don’t mean to. I like to follow Daddie everywhere – especially to the shower. Daddie won’t let me stay in the shower with him, so I usually just stand guard outside until he’s done. I try to lick all the water off his legs when he comes out so he doesn’t have to get his towel wet, but he hasn’t learned to appreciate my help with this yet. We went to a horsey show a few weeks ago. Those horseys are BIG and their poops give you a lot to investigate. I had a great time. My grand-humans were there too. They give me cookies just for being cute and so I like them a lot. My favorite place to go is to PetSmart, especially if I'm allowed to pick out a toy to take home… it is a very hard task to pick the best squeaky ball!

I hope you are doing well. I appreciate all the good things you did for me. I loved playing ball with you the most. Thank you for finding me a home with a warm bed, good food, humans that love me, and lots of toys! I even like sharing a room with Rustie and have faith the little Padowan will come around (Mommie and Daddie are nerds – it is rubbing off ). Tell all the boys and girls that I am doing well and wishing that good Mommies and Daddies will come take them to their forever home soon.

Posted June 2, 2012

From Nikko's Family


Nikko, Cleo and Brutus all go to the Nursing home with me a few times a week. Lots of doggy park visits and speed walking. He is such a ham. He still doesn't bark (a few times at the dog park) but that is it. What a pleasure. Brutus barks enough for all three of them. Since we brought Nikko home, he has gained a little weight, ( go figure with all the exercise), but now he is on Innova lite food. He still tries to pick up pizza crusts on our speed walks. It's a riot when I look back and see why he lagging behind. He is such a clown, and makes me laugh everyday. Cleo and Nikko play together every day, Brutus is just the referee. Thank you again for the wonderful 4 legged gifts I have in my life now.

Posted June 2, 2012

From Eloise's Family


It's hard to believe it's been 2 years since Eloise joined us. When Eloise arrived, she was a timid little girl who had never been off a leash outside and who spent her days in a crate in a small apartment. She was a snuggler from the start with a very sweet nature but knew little or nothing in the way of obedience/commands/cues or the real world.

We now have a fierce little Jack. No less snuggly, she also loves to hunt, chase and kill everything from mice to birds to squirrels to groundhogs. I call her my girl-bunny because of the way she looks from behind as she bounces ahead, but with tail at half mast in hunting mode. Her still-sweet temperament has allowed her to convince Beetle to share the dog bed or a chair with her. Free from a leash, she happily joins me on farm chores, playing tag with the cat (Eloise is determined to follow him up a barn wall one of these days), hunting and digging around the barns, following along with Beetle when I ride a horse (side trips into the woods as required), and joining us in the car for all excursions. She's not above helping herself to a stick or two of butter left on the table if I am so bold as to leave her home, but she's 100% reliably housebroken and as for obedience and cues? She is now a clicker savvy terrier who: has a head-snap recall at high speed, sits, downs, stays, waits at door for a release, enters and exits a crate on cue (just for show...she doesn't LIVE in one), and has numerous tricks including back, "pop!", touch, and "caterpillar" (a tummy crawl). She is learning left and right, compound cues, modifier cues and behavior chains..Jack Russells are SMART after all. Thank you, thank you to all at Russell Refuge for this very special little dog.

Posted June 2, 2012

From Sam's Family


When we received Sam (formerly known as Jack but renamed to make a fresh start!) from Pauline in January, he was very quiet and there was a sad look in his eyes. Thrown into new situations with new people and without the owner he knew and loved, the journey had taken a toll on him. Now, three months later, his eyes are bright, he is full of energy and he seems to be really enjoying his life with us!

One of the great things about Sam is that we are constantly learning new things about him. That he's actually a very good swimmer, that he enjoys squeaky toys (but will only play on his terms), that he's fascinated by birds but couldn't care less for deer or squirrels, that he likes people better than other dogs, that he hates walking in the rain, that he's camera-shy (though very photogenic), that he has a limited attention span for learning new tricks (we've been working on shake for the past 2 months!), that he's super friendly with kids, that he can chew through a pet gate, that he sneezes when he gets excited and that his favorite thing in the entire world is a good belly rub.

Not a day goes by that Sam doesn't make us smile (and that he doesn't get a good belly rub!). We're very glad that Pauline found Sam for us, we could not be more happy with him!

Posted May 1, 2012

From Frodo's Family


This is Frodo (formally Boomer) - a white Parson Russell. When we first saw him on the web site, we knew we wanted him... Dale told us he had been adopted and brought back to her three times as his temperment was misunderstood. He was meant to be with us and has changed our lives forever... He is soo soulful. He has been with us for seven years. Frodo truly is a sensitive, brave, smart, funny,loving, sweet, and sometimes demanding beast. He is also very expresssive and literally "chats" when he hears sounds he does not appove of. Frodo went through a very scary time five years ago when he had an almost deadly reaction to a vaccine... he went into renal failure and was given ony a couple of months to live... five years later he is thriving with no residual effects. Thank god! He brings so much joy to all who know him. His niece Scarlett (his blood niece), and Ollie (another rescued male Jack) all love their large fenced in yard where they bark at wild turkeys, deer, and other visitors. They also enjoy home prepared food from our garden. Thank you Dale for bringing our boy into our lives. He is such a gift.

Posted April 26, 2012

From Stanley's Family


I was thinking this morning that I hadn't written in a while just to let you know all is well on the Nan-Stan front here in Park Ridge. There's not a person who meets Stanley who just doesn't fall in love with him -- sometimes I think he's God in a dog suit. He's been such a gift to us because of his personality and joyfulness.

When we come home and he's so overjoyed to see us, picks up my croc and tosses it in the air just makes me laugh. He has his "man cave" under one of our coffee tables where he collects his bones and toys, complete with fuzzy blanket.

Posted April 26, 2012

From Deena's Family


We learned of The Russell Refuge four and a half years ago when our first Jack Russell passed from cancer. Their web site and mission continues to inspire us and was soothing when we were grieving the loss of our best buddy. After checking the site regularly for a few years and enjoying all the stories and photos we came across a face we could not resist. (Of course there were others but somehow the timing was right with this one and everything seemed to click into place.)

We adopted Deena from RR 3 months ago. We have been amazed at how gracefully she has adjusted to her new forever home, and apartment life in NYC (still doesn't care for buses, or the automatic sliding doors at the market). Thankfully we live close to Fort Tryon Park, which Deena probably would call Fort Squirrel Park. She loves the morning and sunset walks there and never gives up hope that she could one day catch one of those darn squirrels! She also loves to play at the dog park, and loves her squeaky toys (most of which resemble squirrels). It seems that she was accustomed to very strict boundaries in her previous home and we need to teach her how to be a "lap dog", offering lots of ear rubs seems to be helping with that goal, but one day at a time. We also hope that she will eventually offer kisses more frequently than once a week, but she is after all a lady (and an aspiring squirrel wrangler).

Posted April 24, 2012

From Bentley's Family


I adopted Bentley about 11 yrs ago from Dale. I am a technician at the Rhinebeck Animal Hospital. Dale came in with "Michael" a 6 month old Russell that loves cats. I happened to be the surgery tech on and was with "Michael" all day since he was getting neutered. I was not sure if I should take him or not and thought about it, the next day after work I called Dale and told her I wanted to see how he would be with my cats. Well, 11 yrs later he is still with me!!! He is not your typical Russell, he is lazy, does not bark (unless someone knocks on the door) and loves other dogs and kids!

I changed his name from "Michael" to "Bentley" since it fits him so much better. When he was younger we did agility and he is a Therapy dog with TDI. I became an elementary teacher and he came to school with me when I was student teaching, the students would read to him, say their spelling words etc. I ended up working at a psych hospital and one of the students was extremely afraid of dogs. "Bentley" and I started working with the boy at home and he went from almost hyperventilating when he would see a dog, to walking "Bentley" on leash all by himself outside. I just finished my Masters in Literacy and did my final project on students reading to dogs, "Bentley" came to the school with me daily, acted like he owned the school, and the students would read to the dogs. The students loved having "Bentley" at school, they did not want him to leave.

Last July "Bentley" was the star of our wedding, the photographer Cheryl Bolton-Reuter said he was such a ham for the camera, he is not camera shy that is for sure.

"Bentley" shares his home with Hogan a Golden Retriever, two cats, and two horses. He is the best, I am so happy that I decided to adopt him. I am still not sure if he knows he is a Russell, he acts more like one of my cats.

Posted April 24, 2012

From Nikki's Family


Nikki came home with us this past November. She is the sleepy dog on the left. Her friend on the right is Daisy who came to us from Dale in August of 2000. Daisy was a bit of a challenge for the first couple of years as she tended towards some submissive peeing. Probably why she was given up to rescue. Well, the people who weren't patient enough to work with her really missed out on a wonderful dog! She is a true Jack-never met a hole that she didn't want to put her head in, never stopped trying to catch that squirrel, and gave the raccoon who got stuck in our dog door a run for his money. Yet she loves her cat Clawed and of course is the first to jump under the covers in bed at night.

Nikki is the sister of Charlie whose story is below. I have never had a dog with as soft a coat or as soft a personality. My husband wasn't so sure about adopting another dog. When Nikki first got out of the crate to meet us she ran right past me and into the arms of the husband. She's no dummy! Nikki gets to come to work with me every day as I own a pet boutique. She is the best shop dog! She wants to meet everyone who comes in and is perfecting her manners so that she greets all the dog visitors without overwhelming them with her enthusiasm. She goes to doggy day camp as often as possible to play as my other two are too old to share her love for wrestling and running. I plan on adopting another young dog to give her a playmate even though my husband is threatening to put ME in a shelter! I know the right dog will find us and and will win over the the spouse just like Daisy and Nikki have. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the hard work and dedication that Dale and all the volunteers do for Russell Refuge. And two big, wet sloppy kisses from Daisy and Nikki!

Posted April 24, 2012

From Missy's Family


Missy says hello. We adopted her from RR a year and a half ago and she's just great. She loves to hug and cuddle now and has learned all kinds of new tricks such as give her paw, sit pretty, roll over and stay. She still loves people to death and think they all belong to her as they walk by our home. (This is her looking out our big picture window, which is one of her much loved pastimes.) Bu...t, don't let a dog walk by. She still very much dislikes them! Her ball and daily walks are still her favorite activities and her uncropped tail is constantly wagging. If she plays hard enough she still flips her ears inside out. She chomps her teeth together when she barks to get our attention and we have nicknamed her "Chompers". She's a happy girl, living the good life and we are so glad we adopted her. I don't think it's reiterated enough just how much Dale does for these beautiful creatures... so, I personally want to send out a big thank to Dale and her crew!

Posted April 8, 2012

From Lucy's Family


Who is Lucy? Lucy is hope. Hope that in a world of abandonment and harshness the living spirit continues to stay alive and push on in love. When we come home and our little girl is there, waiting for us, anxious to hear of our time away and to share her experiences as well, there is never recrimination or lack of enthusiasm. She is waiting to give unconditional love; to receive love back with no limitations; to have a cuddle; and to just be.

If my husband and I are in different parts of the house she will go back and forth and check on us. She lovingly makes sure everyone is present and accounted for. She gets a kiss and a pat and a word of love from one, changes her ear expression and then goes back to the other. Who is Lucy? Lucy is love and testimony of happy endings.

Posted April 7, 2012

From Charlie's Family


Charlie is a wonderful addition to our household. He has been gentle and incredibly energetic and funny with the kids and our other pets!

He runs like a lunatic every afternoon when we let him out of his crate. He's amazingly gentle with the kids - they had an epic wrestling match last night and he was just a peach about it. Apparently he is solar powered. We have noticed this ongoing since we adopted him. He seeks and absorbs sunlight when given half a chance. It's hilarious.

We recently took him for a field trip to visit with our friends who have three cats on St. Patty's day weekend. We knew (as did they) the risks of introducting a Jack to a cat-friendly situation. He was a Saint. Stayed with one or both of us for the entire visit overnight. ZERO interest in the cats. No swatting or injuries occurrred. He was perfect and slept with me the entire night.

He gets his Cheerios (two pieces) every morning from myself and Kevin, in kind. He is a complete and total Diva about getting out of bed in the morning and is a source of much laughter and finger-pointing in the mornings. We haven't quite figured out his housebreaking queues yet, but we've realized the beauty of baby-gates in carpeted areas.

We all just look at him with wide eyes and unbelieving minds when we see him streak across the yard and bounce over whatever shrub, thorn or bush might be in his way. He and Zoe are hilarious together, and when she gets a bug up her butt to play, you'd better believe he's open to the challenge.

He sleeps under the bedsheets with both of us nightly, normally on my side, by my feet. On the couch, he jams himself between both of us under a blanket or on top of the couch backside cushions, like a cat. In the morning, when we are getting ready to leave, he curls up on the bed by my pillow and grumbles like a teenager when it's time to go in the crate. The groaning is hilarious...

Weekends, he normally gets the full run of the yard with no leash, and we all crack up at his ability to cover brush & ground on a super-human level. Come to find out: he loves pine needles and all pre-chewed, pre-popped tennis balls. He's also "offended" by dog-walkers and nearby invaders... squirrels and woodpeckers included.

Posted April 7, 2012

From Metro's Family


Sweet eyes that are the window to your bright soul. Tail wags of exuberance. Kisses, kisses and more kisses. Yawns that squeek. ~The Sweetest Thing~ Happy 1st Birthday in your forever home, Metro!!

The wagging of his tail. The squeek he makes when he yawns. Sweet kisses. Sweet love. Sweet dog. He's the sweetest thing. Happy 1 year anniversary in your forever home, Metro. He gives me in the morning or upon my return. His eyes filled with joy and gratitude after drying him off from a rainy walk. He makes me laugh everytime he darts and runs because he looks like a cartoon character.

Posted April 7, 2012

From Lilly's Family


Things are going well here. Lilly adjusted to Zack, my 19 year old, being home for spring break, and now he's back to school. No matter, summer will be here soon, and they will meet again.

She absolutely LOVES a "teaser" that our trainer brought us. It's great entertainment to watch her flip in the air to try and catch the toy at the rope's end. Great exercise when it's raining or when a walk just isn't enough for Lilly's amazing energy!

She does NOT like repairmen, and unfortunately my plumbing and several appliances have been rebelling so we've had a steady stream of Mr. Fix-its in over the last week or so. Like everything else, she's learning to deal with them.

Yesterday she came to me for some affection while I was cooking dinner. She hugged me, gave lots of kisses, and I swear she looked at me as if she wanted to tell me something important! Such a bonding moment... I got a little teary! I think she's reached another milestone as far as trust, and understanding that we are her family now, and this will always be her home.

Posted April 7, 2012

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