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Russell Refuge
Billie / 5 years old / Female / Rhinebeck, NY / Rescue Terrier
Charley / 6 years old / Male / Rhinebeck, NY / Rescue Terrier
Cricket / 1.5 years old / Female / Rhinebeck, NY / Rescue Terrier
James Brown / 2 years old / Male / Rhinebeck, NY / Rescue Terrier
James Brown
Jetro / 8 years old / Male / Rhinebeck, NY / Rescue Terrier
Kimbo / 5 years old / Male / Rhinebeck, NY / Rescue Terrier
Pilot / 3 years old / Male / Rhinebeck, NY / Rescue Terrier
Rocky 3 / 6 years old / Male / Rhinebeck, NY / Rescue Terrier
Rocky 3
Scooby / 9 years old / Male / Rhinebeck, NY / Rescue Terrier
Sparks II / 6 years old / Male / Rhinebeck, NY / Rescue Terrier
Sparks II
Star / 7 years old / Female / Rhinebeck, NY / Rescue Terrier
Willie / 4 years old / Male / Rhinebeck, NY / Rescue Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier Rescue - About the Refuge

The Rescue Dogs

Bewildered by their twist of fate
Watchful for the one they call their own
Ears cocked in hope of the familiar step
That will not come to take them home.

Remnants of a busy world
Where circumstance of why or how
Eludes them in their present plight
Confused... by broken human vow.

There are causes and becauses
When there's no love left to share
Yet they find within their golden hearts
Forgiveness... for us there.

A new hand now extended
Renews trust lost in happenstance
And dog along with humankind
Blessed...with another chance.

By Dale Mountan

We've rescued Jack Russell Terrier dogs and puppies from New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island and many other states.

Russell Refuge, Inc. provides temporary shelter to Jack Russell Terriers in the northeastern United States who are no longer wanted or have been placed in public shelters. Our organization is staffed by volunteers that help with dog care, transportation, donations and the web site. Please let us know if you would like to become a Refuge volunteer. Keep up with the latest news from the Refuge.

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Dale Mountan

Dale Mountan

President, Russell Refuge, Inc.

Dale is the president and founder of Russell Refuge.

Incredibly, Dale has single-handedly rescued, rehabilitated, and given refuge to hundreds of Jack Russell Terriers over the years, which speaks for itself. Dale lives with her equine veterinarian husband, Paul, on a horse farm in Rhinebeck, New York.

Dale is a mother, grandmother, and a caregiver to a variety of animals including, but not limited to 8-10 horses, 1 ancient pet cow, 10 family dogs and up to 40 rescue dogs at a time.


Tamara Davis

Tamara Davis


Tammie is a member of the board of directors of Russell Refuge.

She resides in Massachusetts with her husband Paul and 10 Jack Russells. Tammie makes regular visits to the Refuge and is an enormous help especially in August when she spends a week here helping to man the Refuge educational booth at the Dutchess County Fair.

Sharon Mansker

Sharon Mansker

Board Member

Sharon is a board member of Russell Refuge.

Sharon lives in California on a ranch with three horses, a mule, a cat and two dogs, one of which is her Jack Russell Susie Q, a working therapy dog. Susie spends many days with Sharon at schools with young children, nursing homes and hospitals.

Sharon comes out faithfully every year to the Refuge during fair week to help out at the dog tent Refuge booth, Sharon has been a Jack Russell owner for over 25 years and brings a wealth of knowledge of Jacks and the therapy dog business to Russell Refuge.


Ursula Zorika

Ursula Zorika


Ursula Zorika donates time to give rescue dogs massage therapy and energy balancing. She has been a volunteer at the refuge for four years, upon her retirement from teaching special education.

Ursula has lived in the Hudson Valley for most of her adult life. She has a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Science Degree. She's a member of the International Association of Animal Massage Therapists.

Ursula is a mother and grandmother and lives on a farm in Ulster Park with five horses, two senior Jack Russells and assorted other critters.

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