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Hi, It's Me, Earl

Latest update: Mar 5, 2015

Hi, my name is Earl.

Earl arrives at the Refuger
Earl waiting for surgery
Earl at the Doctor
Earl at the Doctor

On July 10, 2013, Earl arrived at the Russell Refuge. He was one of the many NYC strays. Skinny and sick. He is however a sweet natured soul and the vet verified he is 8 yrs old or maybe younger. His paws were bloody and his skin is rubbed off at elbows, hips etc. He must have had a tough time on the streets.

Earl is definitely not out of the woods. He needs more tests and to have the surgeon look at him but for now we're keeping the faith. While Earl waits to get better so he can undergo surgery to repair a hernia, he is being pampered and seems to like his new digs.

Earl had surgery on Tuesday, Sept. 3rd at 10:30 AM.

Dale Mountan, President, Russell Refuge

Progress Reports

March 5, 2015


Hi All -

It's me Earl. I is being REALLY good up here in Vermont.

It was 10 degrees below zero this morning. I slept by the nice warm wood-stove last night with my Squeaky toy bird :o)

I found out how just how cold 10 degrees below zero is, this morning, when I went outside to look for Gray “Tree Rats” (Gray Squirrels). Three Tree Rats was munching Sunflower seeds near the Bird feeder. Soze, I chased 'em off & came back inside our nice warm house with my Squeaky toy.

Kirk's gonna scramble us some eggs & smoked Turkey later :o)

We hope that you're feeling better after that REAL BAD fire in Rhinebeck.

Earl Out.

June 23, 2014

Earl with his new toys

Earl's doing great up here in the woods. He's definitely been a tough little stoic. Earl's all healed up and smiling a lot now.

His paws, which were bothering him some months back, have fully healed up following topical application of the "TrizULTRA Plus Keto" antibiotic which Dr. Tony Castrignano had prescribed.

Here is Earl is showing off his two balls. Most of the time they're "unattached". When attached, he's chewing on 'em.

The smaller ball, between his fore paws is his "bouncy ball". He swiped it from the school Baseball team's basket, when they weren't looking. The larger ball, in front of his left elbow, is his "squeaky ball". He usually brings his bouncy ball with him to work each day.

I'll try to send a picture of Earl with some kids next time. Earl's doing great. Thanks very much for your efforts.

Kirk & Earl

November 15, 2013

Hi Everybody!

It's me the "Amiable Earl" of Vermont. I'm doing GREAT here in Vermont!

I'm virtually all healed up from the 2 1/2 hours of surgery that I needed after you rescued me from "Dog Pound Death Row" in the Bronx. Kirk's feeding me Science Diet Gourmet Beef Entree' that he gets from the BEST Vet in Vermont! (Dr. Tony Castrignano in Springfield, VT).

I'm being REAL GOOD up here. I gets up and take Kirk for his walks each day. On weekends we sleep in and then I go roust those wiley little Chipmunk rodents near the Chickadee feeder's trees. I keep very busy doing GOOD and IMPORTANT stuff!

My new "handle" here is "Amiable Earl" as my command of "people speak" ain't always grammatically correct.

We got to watch an "Action Movie" tonight! Kirk called it "The Rodent Terminators".

Please tell someone that my old buddy "Marley" needs a home too! Marley's a bit older and wiser than me but "Grampa Marley" still has clear eyes and is VERY SMART too.

Earl (aka "Amiable Earl" in Vermont)

September 28, 2013

Earl by the stove

Hi Everybody! It's me Earl!

Here's a couple of photos of me the first night in my new home! I checked out the bed in the first one and then decided to sack out next to the wood stove. My guy sent these to Dale.

He said he emailed her to tell her all was well so far. These photos were taken after a very long day traveling. I was exhausted!

I now have a new classy name. You can refer to me as Earl of Hattin! Pretty cool huh? That name was chosen after the other choice "The Duke of Earl"!

Just wanted to let you all know I'm thinking of you and all I've gone thru before coming here. So far, so good. I might take a little time to adjust but my guy is patient and dog savvy.

Will keep you posted. I know Dale would want me to thank you, and I do. I am now a resident of Vermont. Dale promised to send me a couple of warm coats.

I'll always remember you.

September 15, 2013

Hello from me, Earl the country dog!

I'm doing great folks! Now I go out in the big play area and get to run around! My stitches are holding and the surgical area no longer looks yucky. Today I lost my big blue ball. It's my favorite. Still can't find it, so tonight I have to make do with a tennis ball. If that's my only problem I'm doing good!

It's supposed to be chilly tonight and Dale just gave me a big, fluffy blanket for my crate where I sleep at night. She also gave me another toy but it's not my blue ball. I ate a big dinner and now time for bed.

Love to you all for giving me a chance. Until tomorrow or maybe Monday, Lets hear from you sometime. Thanks for giving me my chance. Love to you all for that.


September 11, 2013

Hi it's me, the patched up Earl!

Yup, I went back to the vets this AM and they decided to replace the stitches. It wasn't so bad. As a matter of fact the vet said all was looking good. He raved to Dale about how good I am as he didn't knock me out and I stood nicely on the table and just let him do it. He said I'm a terrific dog! Well, if I'm so terrific like everyone says why doesn't anyone put in an application to adopt me? I would love to know there is a home out there for me. I guess they're waiting to make sure I won't have future problems.

All I can say is that my bladder issue is fixed and I feel great. The stitches should heal in a short time, but it will take longer for the shaved areas to grow back in. So now I guess it's more waiting. I'm really a good dog. All I need is good company and someone to love me. Where are all those people from Facebook who begged Dale to take me and spend a couple of thousand dollars on me? Well, I'm soon going to be as good as new and I'm grateful that they asked. They did help save my life. We should all count our blessings. I'm counting mine!


September 9, 2013

Hi, it's Earl

Sorry I couldn't write for the last two days. My stitches on one side of my butt opened Saturday and Dale's husband has checked me out since the surgeon was not available on the weekend. Don't panic! I'm really okay.

Am going to the surgeon first thing today. Not sure they'll replace them or not. It's not bulging and it doesn't appear to be infected. So that's a good sign. However, I'm able to pee a nice long steam! What a wonderful feeling that is!


September 5, 2013

Hi Everybody! It's me Earl!

Earl at the gate

Well I survived the surgery which they tell me took 2 1/2 hours! Didn't seem long to me. One minute I was on a table getting sleepy and the next I was waking up under a heat lamp that felt so good. Came home last night with alot of stitches on both sides of my bottom where they fixed two hernias and my bladder. Discovered my man parts are missing too. Well, I didn't need them anyway and Dale says I will be a happier, healthier dog.

Today I took a couple of walks and feel pretty good all things considered. Here is a photo of me coming back from my walk. I wouldn't look at the camera. I just wanted to get back thru the gate to my nice comfy bed and snooze. It will take a little bit of time before I'm really back in action.

The vet said I am one tough, stoic dog ! He couldn't believe I stood up shortly after surgery, looking around and hungry! Will write again tomorrow to you all who have prayed for me and sent funds to help me get better. I am so thankful, especially now that I can pee!

Love Earl

September 4, 2013

It's 7:00 PM and I just brought Earl home. His butt and both sides of it have many stitches but he seems comfortable. Will be on Metacam for at least 7 days. While taking him out for a bit when we got here he did manage to pee! Earl is to be kept quiet (possibly crated) for 5-7 days. Will get some photos tomorrow. I'll spare you ones of his butt! My husband just looked at it and said vet did a good job. It's past dinner time and all the waifs are getting anxious. More tomorrow.

Earl is acting hungry too. He doesn't seem phased by any of it.

Stay tuned!

XO from Dale and of course, Earl.

September 4, 2013

Hello Everyone,

Here's Earls news! Earl went into surgery today.

The call from the vet was late and I was getting worried. First thing the vet said was "it took 2 1/2 hours!!" As it turned out when they opened Earl up he had another hernia which required repair.

So it was two hernias, being neutered and having many internal stitches in tissue that vet said felt like jelly and was difficult to get the tissue anchored down. He then said Earl was okay and the operation was successful. Earl is staying the night and will see how he is tomorrow. He may have to stay another night depending.

Then there was a second call saying Earl was standing up, looking around as if nothing had happened! Any other breed would be moaning in pain but that little brave Earl is a stoic JR. I told the vet to give him pain meds anyway.

Will keep you posted. Thank you for all you've done for him.

Good night Earl. We love you. Good boy.


September 1, 2013

It's me again, Earl!

Earl with Dale sitting in the wheel of a monster truck

Well, we finished up the fair on Sunday night and went back Monday to clean up. There is still a lot of stuff to put away so we've been really busy. The fair was great! I saw so many things and met a lot of people, dogs and other animals. One lady came up to Dale and said "Is that Earl"? Wow, now I'm being recognized!

I admit the days were long and tiring for me but I had a nice spot behind a tent curtain with water and a big fan so I could rest and get away from the heat. I saw a calf be born, all kinds of animals and met lots of the performing dogs and their people. Got to eat some really tasty food that probably wasn't the best for me. French fries, creme puffs, steak sandwiches, giant hot dogs, great thick cheeseburgers! I wanted them all! I managed to get some of all of it but Dale only let me have tidbits. Shucks!

We spent a lot of time with Dale's old friends from the Dock Dogs and also in the Russell Refuge booth. The dog world is filled with friends from the frisbee folks to the agility folks, the dock dogs and all. There were a lot of "hello again" hugs and all sorts of dog talk. I was of course always brought up in the conversations and wished much luck with my upcoming surgery. Be sure to take a look at the few photos we managed to get.

Earl with Dale and the Dock Dogs

Now for the big news ! I'm scheduled for surgery on Tuesday, Sept. 3rd at 10:30 AM!!! I'm not going to worry because I know I'll be in good hands. I'm so looking forward to being able to pee normally! Prayers from you would be appreciated though so get going on them folks!

I'm glad I went to the fair. Yes, I was the star Dale said I would be! It was good fun. I loved the fair! But it's good to be back home at the Refuge.

Thanks and love to you all,

August 19, 2013

Hi to all. It's Earl again!

Been running around my big pen eating like a horse and waiting for my life to change with my upcoming surgery. Wish I could tell you all about my former life and how I became a homeless dog. I'm happy I wound up here and don't think much about my days and nights spent on the NYC streets anymore.

Earl helping with packing on the way to the Dutchess County Fair

We are crazy busy here and guess what? It looks like I'm going to the fair! It's a big county fair here in Rhinebeck. Lots of people will come and Russell Refuge is having a booth there! I am very good with people so I'm the main pick! The fair is big and I'm excited!

You can look it up under Dutchess County Fair. Dale told me I will be a star! I can't wait! So we are getting ready and Dale is packing up all kinds of stuff. She calls it "on overdrive"! She says there will be lots of dogs there doing agility and frisbee and the big time Dock Diving Dogs are coming! I sure hope she doesn't think I can do that!!! She said all I have to do is be nice to the people as I am going to represent Russell Refuge. I guess it pays to be a good guy kind of dog.

I'll be sure she takes pictures of me so you can see me at the fair! Dale says I'm gonna be a star, star, STAR!!!! Oh boy! Earl goes to the fair! Just like Wilbur in Charlotte's Web! SOME DOG!

Stay tuned folks! I'm so happy I can almost pee!

With love and thanks,

August 3, 2013

Hello Everybody!

Sorry I haven't had time to write. It's been so darn rainy and I'm getting used to my great big pen. There's lots of room to run around and TWO dog houses, so I have a choice! Lots of toys to play with and I bury some too. The digging is great here. I never knew what it was to dig and think maybe I've found my calling. It's fun! There's critters too. Some of these critters I've never seen before.

I'm feeling pretty good and managing to pee along with some help from Dale sometimes. She learned how to push on the outside of my hernia to push my bladder back where it's supposed to be. Sometimes she holds up my back legs and lets me walk on my front legs. It's supposed to help my bladder pop out of the hernia. I don't mind because it really helps and it feels good to pee. I think I'm gaining some weight too. I clean up my food and always want more. It comes at the same time every morning and night, so I know exactly what to expect. That did not happen in the city. I had to look for food there and didn't have much luck. I don't miss the city at all!

I have a buddy in a big pen across from me. His name is Lucky. He came from the city too, but he had a tougher time than I did. He told me that he was the last thing living when the police broke into an animal sacrifice ritual. A nice policeman brought him here and cried. He's been here a long time and thinks he won't ever get a home, but he still hopes for a special person to come along. I have a feeling that the name Lucky doesn't fit him.

So I'm waiting for my surgery which is scheduled for the end of August.

Here's a photo of me sitting in a chair looking down the driveway. People can put in an application to adopt me even though it's early. My surgery should work and I should be fine. I'd like to have a real home. Dale says that my people will come up the driveway to get me when the time comes. I think about how it would be to have a sofa and someone to cuddle up with. I'm practicing looking for them...just in case.


PS..Dale says not to forget to thank you for your help for me. So thank you everybody!!

July 24, 2013

Hey it's Earl again!

Boy! Even though I still need surgery I'm doing much better! No more cough and I'm much brighter. I've jumped out of my pen twice now!!!! Dale panicked earlier today when she came to take me for a walk and I wasn't in the pen. I was having a good time introducing myself to some other dogs when I heard her calling and whistling. I stepped on it and ran to her. She was so happy that I came when she called. I was happy too because I didn't know where she was when I got out of the pen. We had lots of thunderstorms last night and today but I didn't spook.

I feel pretty good and am gaining weight. Dale just said the other day that she had never heard me bark ... Well .... Guess what? I bark my head off now when I need attention. How else is a dog supposed to get a message across? She is spoiling me some but she says I need to be spoiled some because I deserve it. She has not forgotten how sick, wounded and scared I was when I came here.

Today I saw a couple of horses up close. I'd seen them before but one had his head sticking out over his stall guard and I went up to meet him. Then he snorted at me!!! Scared me almost to death! I jumped about ten feet! My hernia almost popped I was so scared!

I just got a nice big marrow bone to gnaw on to help keep me busy. If I feel this good now I can't help but wonder how good I'll feel after my operation.

So I'm going to bed now with my yummy marrow bone, thinking of you with thanks for your help for me and all the good life that awaits me.

I hope your dreams are as sweet as mine. Love from the now country dog.

your friend,

July 16, 2013 (afternoon)

Hi it's Earl.

Well I don't know how to tell you this but I went to the hospital this AM. The surgeon was not there yet but Dale and Lisa one of the vet techs put me in the ISO ward. Dale kissed me and went home. The surgeon came and examined me and called Dale and said he couldn't do the surgery yet! I still have that respiratory infection from the NY shelter and have been on two antibiotics.

The Dr gave me a thorough exam and put a catheter in to see how much urine I had. He said I was not in extreme danger and gave Dale a bunch of instructions on how to push my bladder out of the hernia when it goes in there and lots of other stuff to do. He said it was important to wait. I should be okay even though there is some sense of urgency about peeing. So I'm back at the Refuge. I have to wait until I'm cleared for surgery and that could be the end of August! This is a good doctor and thinks of everything. He said it was in my best interest to do it this way. He was kind to me and looked me all over. He noticed my bruised and battered skin and where my paws were still a mess from running the streets and patted me and said "poor fellow, we'll get you better".

I liked him and was very well behaved. So now I'm back and have to continue my antibiotics. I've been eating well which is a good sign. I haven't been staying in the kennel so hopefully I won't infect the other dogs. Dale has fixed up a nice place in one of the horse stalls and I have a big fan which is great in this horrible heat. I have an open crate to go in if I want but like to lay on top of it so I have a nice cushy bath mat on top to rest on. Because of all the care I need I get to go outside often and like getting back to my stall where it's cool and bug free.

So that's my story for now. It's going to be a longer haul than everyone thought, but Dale says I'm worth it. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers and I'll send you updates.

With thanks and love,


July 16, 2013 (morning)

Hi Everybody, it's me, Earl again. I've been hanging in despite everything I'm dealing with. I know I'm a Jack Russell and have to be brave. My surgery is this morning (Tuesday). Dale has been acting cheery around me to lessen my anxieties (or so she thinks)!

The procedure has been done by this surgeon many times and has a record of excellent results. Of course he won't know everything until he gets me open. All I want is to be able to pee normally again. In the meantime I'm behaving well, especially for Dale. She walked me at 2:00 AM this morning! Came out of the house and said " Let's see if you can pee some Earl". I tried, but not much luck. I know she's really worried. I remain calm. She says I'm one of those special terriers that's accepting and stoic.

So, hopefully you'll hear from me today. Thanks to all of you who are helping me. If you are so inclined you can say a prayer for me. Remember to tell God my name... It's Earl!

July 11, 2013

I got here Wednesday, July 10. Getting some country air. It's very different here from the city. I got a nice walk around the farm this AM . Saw wild turkeys and their babies, a nice doe who just looked at us (Dale says she and her yearling twins live on the property) and some horses. I also saw a few cats!! Then I had to go to the vet at 8:00 AM! They examined me, took some blood too! I was good though. They couldn't believe I stood perfectly for them to draw blood. Said I am a Good Dog! (I could have told them that)

Now I'm hanging out in an XPen here on the lawn under a big oak tree. They say the air is good for my uri and I can't go in the kennel because I might infect the other dogs and there is no room anyway. My appetite is good. (Maybe too good because Dale dropped a bagel and I grabbed it and ate the whole thing!)

Now I guess I hang out here on the farm until the big surgeon comes back from vacation on Monday. Hopefully my tests will come out good and I'll be able to have the surgery to fix my giant hernia which my bladder goes into by mistake. Sometimes I can pee and sometimes I can't very well. Right now I'm being kept comfortable and enjoying country life. Keep your paws crossed for me and hope my tests are ok.

Love and thanks to all who care about me!


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